Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FINALLY WJ in FULL technicolors

First picture of the WJ upgrade kit with stickers applied front view. The test stickers arrived today. We had to do some minor changes to the stickers but they work fine. The only problem we had were the windscreen stickers again!. So it was back to the drawing board. As we were getting the stickers printed on High quality adhesive paper using professional printing, you'd notice the windshield are of a different print grade because these were printed on our trusty Hewlett Packard Inkjet. The final stickers would be semi gloss. We'd probably give some allowance for collectors to cut it slightly more for more personal fitting on the windscreen.

Second picture is the rear of the WJ painted vehicle with the stickers applied.

Third picture is a close up of the rear. We did put in a license plate YES it's ARIZONA - WHEELJACK. No brownie points on why it's ARIZONA cause in G1 -Transformers started in Arizona when the ARK crashed on the mountain St Helena. You'd notice some paint smearing. It was a rather rush job, the masking we used was not applied properly. It definately can be done better!!!! :) The Gap on the slide in spoiler is not a kit error because it probably moved when we took the pictures. Decided not to retake and just pass the note to fellow customizers who've ordered the kit.

Last picture is the front / Top view. Yes Wheeljack is FINALLY with his autobot stickers.

In short. We'd be getting the robot pixs up when we've gotten the other stuff ready. Isn't this exciting!!!

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  1. how much would it be to buy one off you? plus the shipping and handling.