Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soliciting feedback for Nova Commander interest

Hi everyone,

apologies for the slowness of news, but there were some discussions with some other parties on commercial aspects so we were derailed in some of our projects.

For the clear crystal Nova Prototype, we would be passing to our partner to ship out. Our fault, as we were overseas for commercial reasons (to be disclosed) if it become fruition.

All our prototypes, we'd be sending along a certificate. I feel that these are the few fans who are supporting us directly by collecting our designs, so we felt it was important to ensure their item remains exclusively unique.

Talking about Nova, for those out there. We're trying to solicit interest in this item. We're coming close to the end of our testing of materials and such, and would like to know the following.

a. Who is interested in collecting Nova Commander?
b. What kind of price range are you expecting.?

We've internally mulling the following.
a. Nova as a KIT (so u need to fix, glue, sand and paint)- From my experience fixing kits - say model kits, this is like a MG/PG kinda skill because you still need to sand down parts etc, so we might be inclined for option b.
b. Nova as a complete toy (fixed up painted etc etc in a nice box, with instruction etc)

We feel internally it's important to get a sense of the affordability of this item but yet balance it with the actual cost of producing a resin based item. It's all hand made after all (manpower is always a high cost for all of us who are paid by the hour), so the downside is if this goes into limited production it would be in batches.

Let us know your thoughts and importantly how much you can afford.
email us at administrator@mastercollectables.com

P.S - Do note that this blog is not a solicitation of orders, but of interest.


Monday, January 18, 2010

WJ Kit independant reviews

Hi all,

we passed a couple of kits out to various sites for some peer review. One of them was done by www.sector70.com folks (Tom Servo (Dave) ). Another one is done by a fellow customizer (Demonss/Justin) who had purchased it separately.

Both reviews can be viewed at this link. As with all reviews, we look at both the pros and cons and hear the feedback, so that we can improve on future products.

From various sites, we think that the WJ conversion kit was a good starting point. We want to thank various folks from blacklion79 (for allowing us to use his WJ labels as a base to start with & also the one starting point of inspiration),sector70.com folks (great Admins and customizers),Sabrina, for KA for helping us design the WJ artprint in such a short time frame (Your work is now immortalized in all the reviews and pictures), and many other people that were either directly or in directly involved. If we missed anyone, our apologies but we just have too many people to show appreciation.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crystal Nova Commander Prototype

Hi everyone,

good day. We have here pictures of the prototype Crystal Nova Commander that we were alluding earlier. This was used to test material - strength, ridigity, stress test etc and it came out pretty well. As with all types of resin, we had to balance between strength, flexibility and thus had to tinker with the mix ratio of the resin / pigments and the harderer. We also used a different rubber chemical mix for the wheels, to see which was a better fit for future rubberized products.

There are some design changes compared to the two earlier prototypes - primarily more screws, some joint changes. It was a challenge to get Crystal Nova bubble free,but using our internal test processes, this prototype came out quite well.

Here are some pictures. As usual this piece has gone through our testing processes and we're making this available via ebay.

As mentioned earlier, this prototype is sold so that we can use the proceeds to finance our current and future projects. We hope the winner enjoys this piece and fellow collectors will enjoy the pictures.

Pictures here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New year 2010 updates

Hi everyone,

Some new updates. What do we have lined up.

1. Our designer has tested some new materials, in conjunction with engineering changes to Nova Commander. As part of the ongoing changes - we will be listing a "clear" version of Nova Commander. Lets just say this Nova really is testing the limits of our designer/and chemist's capabilities. Pictures to be added later. It's being listed by our partner Retrozone. Link is here.. We've instructed them to list it first, with the product pictures to be posted later.

2. We should have a new product available this month, hopefully ;) Watch out for updates on this.

Other then that, internally we'd be spending a bit of time brainstorming on ideas and concepts over cuppas coffee, but if you do have ideas that you'd like us to look at closely do send us an email to administrator@mastercollectables.com.

In the meantime, have a nice and blessed 2010.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Around the world with the WJ conversion kit

Hi everyone,

we've just received an email from a customizer who picked up our kit and he's doing his WIP in these links.

Sector70.com - WJ Conversion kit

TFW2005 - Radicons - WJ Conversion kit

It's great to know the WJ conversion kits are going around the world and the response is positive. Thanks for the support. For those who've picked up the kits, do check these threads for inspiration. Not every single WJ Conversion kit is every done the same way, and we hope to inspire more people to enjoy their custom as a piece of personal art.

If you have more links to your work, feel free to email us at administrator at mastercollectables.com

Have a good day