Monday, January 18, 2010

WJ Kit independant reviews

Hi all,

we passed a couple of kits out to various sites for some peer review. One of them was done by folks (Tom Servo (Dave) ). Another one is done by a fellow customizer (Demonss/Justin) who had purchased it separately.

Both reviews can be viewed at this link. As with all reviews, we look at both the pros and cons and hear the feedback, so that we can improve on future products.

From various sites, we think that the WJ conversion kit was a good starting point. We want to thank various folks from blacklion79 (for allowing us to use his WJ labels as a base to start with & also the one starting point of inspiration), folks (great Admins and customizers),Sabrina, for KA for helping us design the WJ artprint in such a short time frame (Your work is now immortalized in all the reviews and pictures), and many other people that were either directly or in directly involved. If we missed anyone, our apologies but we just have too many people to show appreciation.



  1. Thanks for the shout out and for everything. We appreciate what you've done for us by sending out a kit for review. Keep us in mind the next time around and keep up the great kits and packaging.

    -hXcpunk23 & S70 Staff
    (Sector70 admin)

  2. Hi Hxcpunk23,

    no problem. Hope all is well at sector70.


  3. Hey JC, things are going well at S70. Hope you guys are well also (and keeping busy). :)


  4. are you going to re-release the WJ kit?

  5. I know it's been a long time, but do you guys still take order for nova commander?