Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crystal Nova Commander Prototype

Hi everyone,

good day. We have here pictures of the prototype Crystal Nova Commander that we were alluding earlier. This was used to test material - strength, ridigity, stress test etc and it came out pretty well. As with all types of resin, we had to balance between strength, flexibility and thus had to tinker with the mix ratio of the resin / pigments and the harderer. We also used a different rubber chemical mix for the wheels, to see which was a better fit for future rubberized products.

There are some design changes compared to the two earlier prototypes - primarily more screws, some joint changes. It was a challenge to get Crystal Nova bubble free,but using our internal test processes, this prototype came out quite well.

Here are some pictures. As usual this piece has gone through our testing processes and we're making this available via ebay.

As mentioned earlier, this prototype is sold so that we can use the proceeds to finance our current and future projects. We hope the winner enjoys this piece and fellow collectors will enjoy the pictures.

Pictures here.

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