Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soliciting feedback for Nova Commander interest

Hi everyone,

apologies for the slowness of news, but there were some discussions with some other parties on commercial aspects so we were derailed in some of our projects.

For the clear crystal Nova Prototype, we would be passing to our partner to ship out. Our fault, as we were overseas for commercial reasons (to be disclosed) if it become fruition.

All our prototypes, we'd be sending along a certificate. I feel that these are the few fans who are supporting us directly by collecting our designs, so we felt it was important to ensure their item remains exclusively unique.

Talking about Nova, for those out there. We're trying to solicit interest in this item. We're coming close to the end of our testing of materials and such, and would like to know the following.

a. Who is interested in collecting Nova Commander?
b. What kind of price range are you expecting.?

We've internally mulling the following.
a. Nova as a KIT (so u need to fix, glue, sand and paint)- From my experience fixing kits - say model kits, this is like a MG/PG kinda skill because you still need to sand down parts etc, so we might be inclined for option b.
b. Nova as a complete toy (fixed up painted etc etc in a nice box, with instruction etc)

We feel internally it's important to get a sense of the affordability of this item but yet balance it with the actual cost of producing a resin based item. It's all hand made after all (manpower is always a high cost for all of us who are paid by the hour), so the downside is if this goes into limited production it would be in batches.

Let us know your thoughts and importantly how much you can afford.
email us at administrator@mastercollectables.com

P.S - Do note that this blog is not a solicitation of orders, but of interest.



  1. 1) I'd love to own one (but as you read with my recent email, things are rough and I'm not sure I'd be able to get one). BUT, the interest is definitely there!

    2) As for the price range, I would expect anywhere from $50-$100 US (not including shipping). I'm not sure of what materials were used, but the time and effort put into it warrants at least this much or more.

    As I said, I'd love to own one, but I doubt I'll be able to swing it with the more serious issues going on right now (as mentioned in that email). But I can't wait to see more on it and some reviews on it. As for whether to release as a full figure or kit, I'd say kit since it's fun to put those things together and it would be a bit more reasonably priced for those that may have interest, but limited funds for a full figure.

    Good luck with this and I'm looking forward to seeing more with this!

    (S70 admin)

  2. I would also love a Nova Prime in my collection.

    I don't think the $50-$90 range is too much for a complete toy; I've found that reasonable for some rather complex stuff from other groups. That said, I can promise I would buy it within this range.

    In the case of you leaning towards a kit, I would expect a fairly lower range (I dunno, $50-$70) since construction, paints, and a fair skillset is being asked of the buyer.

    Either way, I only ask that the instructions were a bit larger so the print was easier to read and had clearer pictures than the WJ kit had.

  3. Hi brian,

    think the 100price range would be tough. Even the starting material costs would be around 100 already per piece *sigh*.

    We'd get the feedback and see how this goes along.

    thanks again

  4. I can see it going for more, just wasn't sure on what materials were being used. Definitely keeping an eye on this--again, good luck, guys!


  5. Well, I'd love to, but depending on the price. if it is a limited numbered edition of, let's say 100 to 200, I'd understand costs in the 250-300 US$. Still, it would be too high for me

    My break point is at 150$.

    What I'd suggest is to creat a page with a preorder/commitment to buy.

    And state clearly what would be you minimum number to sell at the reasonable price. For example, to sell at $150 US, you would have to order 1000 toys. So you put online the pre order page, and when you hit that limit, it would get done.

  6. I think 150~200 would be fine
    But maybe by the time Nova is released,
    fans will pay at nay price!

  7. I haven't bought a transformer in about 3 years. Masterpiece Convoy was my last figure before I retired, and this figure would be exactly what it would take for me to come out of my "retirement."

    I would, of course, greatly prefer that the figure come pre-assembled and painted.

    Being that it is handmade, I would be willing to pay anywhere between $80-$120 for the figure.

    I really hope this guy comes out, I'd love to own one.

  8. I just stumbled upon this site and, just wanted to say wow. Incredibly Impressed. Easily willing to pay 150+ for something like this. Hopefully this project does come to fruition.

    Given my own negligible skills, I would think that option B would be ideal.

    Loving the idea of displaying Nova, Henkei Convoy, and the soon to be due Protector Kit all together.

  9. I'd be happy to pay $100-150, probably even $200 for a painted, pre-assembled Nova Commander. As a dyi kit, I'd probably pass since my limited skills wouldn't do the mold justice.

    If there was a pre-order were you paid a non-refundable deposition in the $25 range, I'd be willing to risk it in a heartbeat.

  10. Hello, I came here because i grow interested on your recent WJ Conversion KITS. Well, I did missed that. But I am now more interested getting Nova into my collection.

    Although I do build Gunpla and painted them, im just a beginner. I am happy to pay around US$100-150 for complete fully painted toy instead of resin version.

  11. I would prefer option B. 150-200 dollar price range seems reasonable if materials cost 100. you guys should consider giving this a decent release. plenty of fans want this item even for the price range i listed.