Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Around the world with the WJ conversion kit

Hi everyone,

we've just received an email from a customizer who picked up our kit and he's doing his WIP in these links.

Sector70.com - WJ Conversion kit

TFW2005 - Radicons - WJ Conversion kit

It's great to know the WJ conversion kits are going around the world and the response is positive. Thanks for the support. For those who've picked up the kits, do check these threads for inspiration. Not every single WJ Conversion kit is every done the same way, and we hope to inspire more people to enjoy their custom as a piece of personal art.

If you have more links to your work, feel free to email us at administrator at mastercollectables.com

Have a good day



  1. That's my wheeljack! Woot!
    Glad you guys are liking my progress!

  2. Great work on these kits, Justin and Dave. I've been following them both and enjoying the progress you've both been making.

    Overall.....great conversion kit, MC!