Saturday, December 12, 2009

Answers to Nova Commander queries

Hi everyone,

this single day we received 3,000 plus unique hits from the internet, and at the same time the response was overwhelming via email. Lots of questions were tabled to our Administrator, so we felt it important to just clear the air in this blog update. Easier for us to answer the questions here then to reply each and every email, as much as we would love to.

1. Is Nova Commander going to be mass produced?
The short answer is No. The reasons are the following.

a. Mastercollectables was started by a few Mecha collectors. We just have the same passion and we met up over coffee and just brainstormed. As usual we had ideas and concepts on paper so each of us decided to put our abilities into the partnership. We consider ourself a designer startup. Minimal external funding for our projects. We enjoy what we're doing for the fans. Thus to mass produce Nova Commander frankly is beyond our current financial capabilities. We have our day jobs and just pour in our extra time and some pooled funds to get some of our small projects going.

b. The Nova Commander pictures that you see was designed for the purpose of testing certain engineering designs for joints especially for larger mecha. We do envy the designing skills of Studio Half Eye. Their engineering is fantastic and even themselves after producing so many fantastic resin engineering designer toys have decided to focus on - designing and kits. To just do complete resin toys was time consuming and costly. For e.g a Perfect Transformation Getter-1 is like 500USD when it first came out..and we consider SHE to be close to the best and this was from an established company.

c. Mastercollectables is a very small team with limited resources. We do not have the resources to mass produce this. To mass produce this would mean metal tooling which would cost in the area of 150-200K or more depending on complexity.

d. Why is Nova Commander so difficult and costly to produce?
1. It's large.
2. Lots of parts - Close to 200 parts. The more parts for a resin toy..the more expensive to cast,mold, reproduce and build.

e. So any ETA if it's even produced?
At this moment we're still in the contemplation mode, doing testing and using Nova as a engineering test sample so we can safely say No ETA.

f. Then why sell the prototype testshot on ebay?
It's our way to "fund" this difficult project as we go along in "refining it" for future projects. We hope our fans would like our products and support it their way.

Thanks again for all the support

J.C and the team@


  1. This project is looking very good. I wish the best for it.

  2. thanks for the encouragement. Still lots of engineering related work to be done.

  3. It really is cool. I wonder if a partnership with FansProject or a similar team might be an effective way to get it into production cheaply.

    I look forward to seeing how things develop!