Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nova Commander Super Mode Part 3

Hi all

I guess this is all you've been waiting for. Nova Commander super-mode!!..Nova Commander's Robot Mode combines with trailer to form the Super Mode!. Ultra badass figure..with BFG weapons from his trailer and comes up to 8 inches in Super mode. Enuf said...As mentioned earlier in the Part 1, the auction is for this prototype figure which we used for comparison and picture taking, so the winner of the auction gets this figure!!

Any comments on the prototype feel free to ask so that we can if possible improve on it.



  1. So, are you going to let online sites like BBTS and TFSource, get this. Because I need this! It's just so awesome.

  2. Woops, I meant if you are going to finish the project, then put it up on those sites and more.

  3. Hi Henry,
    as mentioned in our blog, only one prototype piece is listed in ebay. We're still in the engineering stage and working out some kinks in the design. On production, we've not decided what to do as yet.