Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WJ Conversion kit updates

Hi everyone,

The conversion kits should be ready by next week. Right now we're finalizing the manual and also the artwork. Packaging at this moment is simplistic reason being if a customizer converts the Transformers Sunstreaker, sideswipe or red alert, probably they'd dispose of the packaging.

In anycase, the first 50 who had purchased, we'd include something different in the packaging. From last count, we expect this kit to be sold out before year end, so get yours while you can.

Our ebay partner retrozone will also get their kits slightly later for shipment, so safetly I think those who had ordered should receive their kits around first to second week January 2010.

On a similar note, as per an earlier blog, we had promised to pass a couple of kits to some Toy sites, well one of them Sabrina's site has receive their One kit, so watch out for a superbly done version.

Also what we'd do along the way when the kits are sent out is maybe come up with One blog showing how some of the parts can be removed. We did receive a few emails on this so we felt it better to provide some advice and pictures for those whom this might be their first kit.

In the meantime, season's greeting, Wishing all a wonderful Winter!, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. Also wishing all our friends out there a better year 2010 - better health, prosperity and great relationships.



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