Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update on an existing project

Just a quick update on an existing project. This was another long time planning because of the difficulty involved. It is actually more difficult compared to WJ, because our motto when doing any modifications to an existing toy is.
a. Must be easy to customize
b. Add On is better
c. Cutting / Dremel -ZERO
d. Must use replacement add-ons
e. Must have a good semblance of the figure.

So as usual using a Classic Prowl/ Silverstreak to do Jazz is a challenge. It's easy if we'd doing a once off figure, because then to make it available to some collectors without the pain of hacking/ cutting/ etc would be impossible. We have seen quite a few customizations from Prowl or Silverstreak to Jazz. Some were better, and we're trying to do a good one, that would benefit many more collectors. Cross the fingers and hope all goes well.

Brief description - It's the Mudgut of the WIP Jazz. Could look better, much more sanding,sculpting later. With such a big mudgut -T J would definately need bigger wheels!! :)

Anyway just one picture for now. More about TJ later.

Enjoy. If you have comments or ideas let us know.


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