Thursday, December 3, 2009

WJ Upgrade kit Robot mode pixs

Finally mugshots of the WJ-Upgrade kit in full glory Robot Mode!. We used the initial test kits, who's resin was not the exact color of the final kit. Thus the gun, the back fins were slightly grey. Left the gun without any paint works, but the final resin should be close to black color for the gun, missle launcher. We ended up painting the head and missle launcher a bit too much glossy black because the resin was not "black" enough. Me bad!! :). And by the way..the main screens are still the quick and dirty stickers so pardon the quality of screens.

You'd notice the back fin is not painted. We decided for this test kit to just use a silver marker to excentuate the design. Final kit should be spray painted silver for the fins. Back pixs, for those who have queried whether this is a "part-former", well rest assured it's not, unless you consider the fins / connector as part of the vehicle,which we could not include without altering the spirit of what Wheeljack ought to look like.

Seeking some Decepticons to gun down!

"And What are you lookin at friend?"
We still have a couple more pictures which we'd show later. Now to move on to the next Upgrade kit....more about it later.


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