Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WJ Conversion kits are being shipped

Hi all

the WJ Conversion kits are being shipped right now. Some might get them earlier, some later as we're shipping them in batches (during this festive season) and also are passing the last batch to our ebay parners Retrozone. Just a few left so get them while they're available. Do note that those of later batches might not get the same "container" as the earlier batches should reviews come up. We're good in engineering but just need some work with packaging partners. If you know of one who can supply packaging stuff like full clamshells, half clamshells or friends who sell these do give us a quick email.

On another note, we've listed via our partner a second Nova Commander engineering prototype. Some minor changes in the joint mechanism, and cosmetic changes. Do check out the auction here As mentioned in another blog, the reason of listing a few prototypes is to cover some of our investment costs of the Nova Commander. We do not expect the engineering models to totally cover our investment costs but we hope those who did win the first one which is in transit, and also this piece would appreciate the engineering and design behind the model.


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