Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures of upcoming limited production Nova Commander PART ONE

Hi all
upcoming pictures of transforming Nova Commander. This is part one. Note that this is a testshot prototype that is being listed as part of a bonus by our ebay marketing partners Retrozone as part of this AUCTION

Some pictures. More pictures below

Important to NOTE. There will BE only ONE of these Testshot released for the purpose of the auction. So one very lucky winner will get this test shot!!!!.

Nova Commander took us about 1 month of design and planning (We did look at the pictures from Dak's custom so credit is due to him and also Don Figueroa- the original pictures of Nova Commander were based on his pictures), then there was prototyping, fitting, and getting it into 3d before coming out with this test shot which took another 3 months work. This testshot is in grey before we go into a limited production run. It is highly articulated, comes with the matrix in the chest, has all kinds of joints and is as close to a toy as you'd get from resin production.

Other interesting features.
- Includes Matrix of Leadership
- Includes ball jointed (at the wrist) with pin articulation at fingers, and poseable thumb to hold matrix
- Includes rubberized wheels
- In scale with Henkei and Classic Figures.
- Figure stands 6.5" tall after transforming Cab to Robot Mode.
- Highly articulated as per a Voyager Size toy (but with additional articulation)
- Core joints also have rubberize parts to ensure they are tight

As per the auction details, winner of the WJ kit in the auction will GET this Nova Commander test shot PART 1 and also PART 2.



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