Monday, November 30, 2009

WJ Update

Hi all

We spend the a few hours during the weekend painting a Transformers Classics Sideswipe to white. As mentioned in the earlier post. It was challenging because it's more difficult to cover red pigmented ABS with white paint. But the challenge was good so that at least we can recommend to fellow customizers what to do.

What we used. Stuff that a Non-customizer might use. Standard aerosol can (Mr Color) and Tamiya. This is our list of stuff
a. Mr Color White (semi gloss) - we applied 2 coats of paint cause one coat still showed the red.
b. Tamiya Primer (white)

Minimal sanding of the resin parts. Do note that the kit was made to "snap" on. No glue is actually required, but it's optional. The front grills snap on and the back spoiler slide in.

Here is a first take pix of the WHITE washed sideswipe. Do pardon our photography skills, which needs to be improved :). Now we're waiting for our stickers. The windscreen is white because well, we're including black windscreen stickers, which was save some pain painting the windscreens black, but that is really up to the customizer.



  1. Do you disassemble to spray or just cover the non painted parts with painter's tape or something?

  2. Hi
    it is easier to disassemble before painting because most of it is held by screws.
    The only portions that were a bit challenging.
    a. Front cab held by 2 pins to the chest. We didn't remove the pins, just slide them out one by one because it was held by soft plastic.
    b. The arms. Could not remove the screws as it was hidden behind the arm, so we taped the arms, removed clear plastic part and spray painted the doors.
    c. Parts with painted black paint (in sideswipe). We taped it, and used a model kit knife to cut off excess before spray painting.
    d. Taping the wheels. (didn't remove the wheels), which is only possible if you use a solder to heat the pin so that it expands and soften the socket for the pin before removing the wheel. A hint for those wanting to even prime/paint the wheel guards.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks a bunch, it's a huge help. I was scratching my head about the arms.