Monday, November 16, 2009

Replies to some questions on WJ upgrade kit

We received some questions either directly to our email address or via our ebay partner so we're going to answer them accordingly.

Q1. Can you remove the A-pillars from the kit (between the side and front windscreen)? This will give it a more G1 feel whit the "wrap around" windscreen.
A1. The A pillars, we had altered them from the original windshield to give the front screen a more curved viewpoint and try to give WJ a more G1 feel. There were some limitations onto the degree of curvature because we didn't want to have to redesign the vehicle front cab portion which was not curved.

Q2: And will we be able to attach the wings from the back on it's rear spoiler (double spoiler)?
A2. Unfortunately we've not designed the Wings to attach to the rear spoilers. It would be an interesting concept, however the design of the add-on rear spoilers with the vertical fins which are esthetically added do prevent any add on for the wings.

Q3: Will the side panels get add ons (it says so on the ebay, but not on the blogspot, or i misread it)?
A3. The side panels will not get any addons. The pictures in our blog show the 95% final prototype product.

Q4.Hi, seeing as you're open to suggestions, any chance of manufacturing the hood so it's more like the 'rounded' version below at all ?
A4. We had actually made it "rounder" compared with the original hood. It required a resculpt of the hoodscreen portion, while still trying to maintain the connector to the front cab. You'd need to compare it with the original cab to compare the difference.

Q5. Hi. I am absolutely loving your work and I fully intend to purchase one of these. Is December still the likely completion/shipping date?
A5. We're targeting for a Mid-End Dec 2009 completion. Right now we're into the production phase, with a parallel packaging design in the pipeline.

Q6. Just been looking at your Wheeljack kit on eBay and the only suggestion I could think of would be to have the wings and weapons store under the car in his alt mode.
A6. Good question. Ebay is currently marketing by our ebay partner as an alternative channel. It can be purchased directly via our paypal buy it now button. Back to design question, We did fiddle with this idea of putting the wings below the body of the vehicle, but there was no space under there to put it. It must be noted that as an add-on kit to the Classic Sunstreaker / Sideswipe, improvements can be made to the parts based on the ability of the customizer. Potentially we see variables in our offering.
a. A person simply paints the base toy and add on the parts and paste the stickers. This is the simplest and quickest option
b. A person does additional changes to the toy to suite his particular taste, with the add-on parts from us making this change quicker. We agree that using sculpy to make round windshield,the front bumper and using styrene sheets is not a quick and easy job for the average collector. But we're confident, if a collector has done model kits, that this WJ add-on should be a half day "walk in the park".

Q7. Where are we getting our stickers?
A8 At this moment, we're waiting for a first batch to be released. Then we would get our graphic file to be test fitted prior to getting them printed on clear sticker sheets. If there are requests for water decals (because they look nicer, we can explore this option)

Q8. How did you guys come up with this idea?
A8. We didn't come up with this idea. This idea was found by many customizers from Radicons etc, and we as fellow collectors also felt that it would be beneficial for it to be more available the the general collector and also fellow customizers to make a ready kit to cut down on time required for customization. One customizer's design that we did review extensively was blacklion29 , so due credit has to be given to this customizer.

Lastly remember you can click on the paypal buy it now button in our earlier post to get your piece.

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