Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend blurp

Hi everyone,
hope black friday was good..We know the sales were fantastic. Back to WJ. We had just spend the weekend painting a Classic Sideswipe from RED to white. We can tell you from experience, if you plan to do this, GET a sunstreaker. It's easier to use the dull yellow plastic and paint it white, (after priming the plastic). We'd see how the sideswipe holds up, else we'd do up a sunstreaker also.

If you've noticed, the website also reroutes to That would be our main domain name. We use the blogspot essentially because it was a quick way to get the website running and at the same time allow us to communicate quickly to our fellow collectors and fans. Maybe in the future we'd do up a proper site, but for now our focus is custom toys.

Have a great weekend!!.


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