Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updates on WJ kit

Just some updates on the WJ kit. We've still not come up with an official name (if it requires one) ;)

But so far this is what we're planning
a. Stickers would be incorporated into the kit.
b. The missle launcher, gun - should be in black resin
c. The back wings - black, the backpack holding the wings - black.
d. The rest would be white - or some form of whitish resin.

And by the way, you can actually use a sunstreaker instead of sideswipe Classic for this modification, and we found that the following helps
a. Mr Color primer (white)
b. Then applying Mr Color white semi gloss.
When we get the first casts out, we'd do a test shot of a "completed" piece. I believe there are lots of "customizers" out there that can do better paintworks, and would do custom jobs with these parts to make a real classic WJ figure.

In the meantime, stay cool and be well.


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