Monday, November 23, 2009


Just a quick update from us.
We're working on a few projects, which we'd reveal in the upcoming weeks or so. One of them is another upgrade kit, while the other one is a rather complex mecha. The kit is still in WIP stages, while the complex mecha which took us about 3 months of study, concept, design and engineering is close to be revealed.

On the side note, the WJ kit is in the process of being casted out, which is a tedious process for those who're familiar with resin casting. Why not do ABS, as some friends have asked? Well, we're not in the mode of mass producing this for huge profits, but just to test our concepts and designs, and at the same time pass the profits for future R&D work.

Running in parallel is the artwork, and also the design of the sticker which will be printed on clear sticker type. There were some suggestions for water decals, well it'd work, but just would be messy for some collectors to use, although our designers "prefer" water decals for the clean look on the finished product.

When the first test pieces come out, we'd paint and label the decals on it, to show to our friends how the final product can look like. In the meantime happy modding.


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