Friday, November 13, 2009

Prototype pictures of our first creation

This is our first creation. WJ custom. It took probably a month of planning, looking at existing designs, and seeing what was the best way to execute. Our design was influenced by many other customizers in the web and we took the best of what was possible on an existing Transformers sunstreaker/ sideswipe toy and tried to improve on it. This is pretty much the final rendition before we do a limited mass production. Let us know your comments on this kit. We're also in the process of reviewing the stickers.

On a side note. We understand that our partner on ebay had listed a pre-production picture. Not the best we'd say, so we've asked them to update with newer pictures. Hope you like our latest creation.
At this moment as per our partners pricing. It is 44.98USD per piece, shipping not inclusive. If there are those who want to take up quantity of this limited release, please contact us at
For the total production - at this moment it's 100 although it might end up at 200 sets, dependant on how well the molds hold. Below is the buy it now button. Directly links to paypal.
At this moment price is 44.98+10USD shipping worldwide. If someone buys a couple of them we'd work out the discount for shipping (approx 50% off the second price etc etc) and refund back. ETA December 2009.

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