Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nova updates - HIP WIPs

HI all,

just one picture of the completed Hip / thigh section. Things are going slowly and surely.

If you have any queries please email us. We should reply in one to two days.



  1. I must say that as masterpiece creators you guys need help with manufaturing and pricing. Because for as long as you take making and getting out products its kind of slow and pricey and i begin to wonder if it is even lucritive. i suggest you look at or someone like them for help because they might bea able to help you with that. Take a look at thier finished products and what they have done and are about to do. What they are making costs less than what your making and thier products are just as good check out thier springer figure as a good example.

  2. Hi leonhart,
    we do this as a hobby and it's not full time at this moment. Some of our projects are more design work that are requested by other companies, which we're not at liberty to share openly.
    We like what FP are doing, and are glad that there are fans who like their products. We hope that you'd like the finished Nova product also.

  3. Hi,
    just curious.. If I interest to buy your Nova Commander Prime, how much it would be? 'Cause some of my friend asking the same question too.


  4. Hello. I must say Nova Commander is excellent, I just discovered this amazing project, and my heart broke when I saw I was too late to purchase one of them. I would GLADLY pay the asked 500$ to buy one, if there is ever a second batch produced. Your work is incredible, and as a fan, I hope to see you create more characters with this level of detail and skill, in the future

    I urge you to deeply consider creating more of these for fans to buy, as it is a masterpiece that anyone would desire in their collection