Friday, February 12, 2010

Nova is sold out

Hi everyone,

We would like to thank all that have purchased the 10 pieces of NOVA from all over the world we might say. It was sold out pretty fast in less than a week - a record by our experience. Sometime end Feb 2010, we should have something new for our fans out there.
Thanks again for all the support.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on Nova Commander

Hi everyone,

after much discussion internally, we've decided to move the Nova Commander resin mecha to a limited production. As mentioned earlier, Nova Commander has alot of parts and as usual the difficulty with such an immense project is the cost of Design, R&D and materials (both pre-production, production and post production).

As such, the Nova Commander would come in the following format. This order would be limited to 10 pieces.

Each set would be
a. Completed resin figure.
b. Prepainted with airbrush (Anime correct colors)
c. Instructions
d. Box packaging.
e. Would come with both the cab + Trailer
f. It would come with a certificate.

Now the all important price. Each completed figure, all handcrafted would be priced at an offer price of 500USD. Shipping would be 40USD for N.America, Europe, Japan, Australia etc. Other countries like Italy,( we'd need to check) and S.America might cost more.
The ETA for it would be end March/ April timeframe (2010).

We have received the feedback from various fans. We know this amount is not a small sum, and we've looked at our numbers, and this is the offer price for Nova to make it a reality. In truth any profits from these minibatches are still used to recoup the design and R&D costs incurred from Nova.

The link of the payment is on the right. Thanks again for all your support